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23A Copper Glass Blue 4 inch Nepali Stone Work

AngelofTrust Copper 4 inch Glasses with Nepali Stone Work (1 Glass, BLUE Colour)

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We Ensure high quality of the Horse statue and making the animal decor out of ordinary and unique for your Home or Office decor. Horse is considered as smart, loyal and brave, and has an air.

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Copper has historically been known as a metal with many health benefits for the human body. Copper utensils have forever been used in kitchen and dining rooms in India and the world. AngelofTrust introduces this magical metal and brings you a world of health. AngelofTrust Copper Glass in blue colour is fashioned out of 100% Pure copper sheets with no joints. For a wonderful Glass that it is, this AngelofTrust copper Glass in Blue colour also will help you decorate your dining area. Happy beveraging! AngelofTrust copper products are designed in a way that makes them very easy to clean. and making Jug figure print free, no other glass having this kind of Superior Coating. You can use this copper glass on your office table as well as at your home on the dining table. Drinking water from Pure Copper glass does that job for you. Keep water overnight in the copper vessel and it will imbibe all the medicinal and Ayurvedic benefits to the water. Drink it empty stomach every morning and see the benefit Its lid has more number of threads and is deep threaded. On top of that it has a silicone ring to virtually prevent any leak. It is leak proof copper water glass. So be ahead with AngelofTrust copper glass.

Special Instruction: It is well hand crafted Nepali stone work on copper glasses in BLUE Colour.
Health Benefit: We understand you. You want to stay healthy utilizing nature blessings
Color: Copper, Blue
Material: Copper
Package: 1 Piece i.e., 1 Copper glass with stone work (275 ML Water Copper Glasses)

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Weight 135 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 10 in





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