Let Us Empower The Artisans


We believe in empowering through trade rather than providing aid.  We aim at working for profit generation with the objective of sustaining our business and getting the best returns for artisans rather than wealth accumulation.

One of our prime objectives are to create a fine mesh of Social Enterprise Network, help boost the entrepreneurial spirit and talent of our craftsmen, and reach more people to provide the required help.

We work with various, associations, organizations and government bodies in order to facilitate the artisans working in handlooms and handicrafts with various available schemes.

We provide a global platform that is associated with our huge network across the globe. We help promote their products in international markets through various exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, etc.

Similarly, we as investors aim at seeking financial returns only to re-invest it for long-term social development.

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Empowering Artisans

Empowering Artisans by Training, Supporting and providing skills. They are the real gems of Indian handicrafts.

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Promoting Heritage

Promoting cultural heritage by spreading awareness and analyzing the best possible way to help it preserved.

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Online Catalogue

Browse the entire range of products in our online catalogues crafted by the Angles across India!