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Angel of Trust is a global platform that brings to artisans the recognition they deserve. It is a joint initiative by Bindura Digital Pvt. Ltd. and Bhartiya Vikas Sansthan. It is conceptualized with the basic motto of uplifting the true contributors to Indian Handicraft and Handloom. aims to become a Global platform that enables Handloom and Handicraft co-operatives and artisans to showcase and sell their products online. brings together the artisans/manufacturers or organizations to jointly market their offerings online. We support Indian artisans to go global. Our aim is very clear – helping Indian Handicraft and Handloom workers and artisans sell their handicraft and handloom products directly, resulting in fair price and visibility. We want to be the trusted partners of Indian Artisans!

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Happy Artisans

Angel of Trust strengthens its presence across the world by working with Rural and urban artisans and helping them to bring their art and craft in front of the whole world. The artisans will be encouraged to work and it will help to boost their financial status.


Beautiful Handicrafts, Handlooms, Arts & Paintings

We at Angel of Trust intend to create a platform that will sell exquisite Handicrafts, Handlooms and Art & Paintings to the people across the globe.

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Encouraging Cultural Heritage of India

Our aim is to encourage the cultural heritage of India through Handicrafts, Handlooms and Arts & Paintings. Almost every part of India is famous for one or the other art form. Our aim is to bring forth these art forms and showcase them in front of the whole world.


Bringing a smile

The buyers will feel happy for the beautiful products and also for bringing a smile on the faces of artisans. The artisans will feel happy because of getting remuneration for their work and getting their craft appreciated. Angel of Trust will be happy to see all happy faces while cultural heritage of India gets more famous.

Why Angel of Trust?

Our relations are based on emotions and we help the artisans to reach the Next level.

Be it Design, Craft, Art or Technology, we have the best guys to take care of quality at each and every step.

Product or Relationship, we handle both with utmost care and love from our end.

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What do we do?

We help the local artisans sell their products through our network in India and Global Markets. We provide them the access to the other countires through Tradeshows, Exhibitions and Events.

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Our Mission

To preserve the heritage of India and to promote the art by increasing awareness, appreciation and respect for preservation of such legacy through research, education and publicity.

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Our mission is to promote Indian Handicrafts and Handlooms in Indian and Overseas market while assisting the artisans in finding out the ways to help their art & craft flourish.

Ashiwini Mhatre
Ashiwini Mhatre
Our Noise Creator

She knows her job and does it fairly well to make the Indian art, craft and artisans noticed across the globe.

Bhushan Vyas
Bhushan Vyas
Our Creative Mind

He comes up with the best creatives to get the wonderful art and craft of India to get noticed world wide.

Sagar Mhatre
Sagar Mhatre
Our Technology Expert

He forms a stout base to give visibility to the amazing art, craft and artisans of India by creating and maintaining a robust platform.