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8A 5 PIECE SET TORTOISE 1.5 to 4 Inch

AngelofTrust Antique Indian Wooden 5 Piece set TORTOISE Statue with undercut Work (1.5 to 4 Inches)


We Ensure high quality of the Horse statue and making the animal decor out of ordinary and unique for your Home or Office decor. Horse is considered as smart, loyal and brave, and has an air.


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Tortoise figurine is well crafted by our local artisans in Rajasthan. It is complete handmade work done by the team of artisans in the rurals of state of Rajasthan. They are very much experienced in crafting carefully the Tortoise figurine with the Wooden pieces. These experts in wooden carving work are working throughout the year to match the expectation of our client. Turtles are shy, quiet creatures, but this one would be quite at home in any setting. The light and dark shades of mahogany within the suar wood make it a warm and inviting piece which would be a great addition to any room, adding color and interest. Angel Of Trust ensures that they are helped in terms of getting trained to upgrade themselves. The design of Tortoise makes this statue look Antique & Eye Catching. India, a land of myriad art forms, different cultures and diversified population since time immemorial is a place of origin of many unique creations under the categories.

Material: Handcrafted Wooden Work, Work on Wood Pieces with Undercut work.
Package: Five pieces of Handmade Tortoise Statue from 1.5 to 4 inches
Includes : 5 Pieces Of Handmade Statue from 1.5 to 4 inches
Usage:  Great decor piece for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining, bathroom, hallway, foyer, basement, patio, beach house, cabin, office, indoor, outdoor, interior, exterior

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