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Dipali Yewlekar – Her Childhood Hobby of Painting made her an Entrepreneur


We get the best results when passion becomes a profession! This holds very true for 26 year old Dipali Yewlekar, a married woman from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Dipali was very fond of painting, craft and art since childhood and she always wanted to make her career in the same. Due to parental pressure regarding education, she could not pursue her dreams of engaging in her passion for handicrafts and art.

Bottles made up of glasses are dumped in large numbers into rivers, lakes and other areas. This type of dumping affects the ecosystem negatively and destroys it. Dipali thought of changing this behaviour of people with the help of her love towards the craft art and painting.

She had participated in fabric painting competitions during her school days. She had also done some artwork on clothes and jewelry. This encouraged her to learn terracotta jewelry making during her undergraduate days. During her college days, she had started painting bottles found on the roadside and shared her craft on social media.

The idea was stunningly beautiful and efficient. Every Eco-friendly idea is significant irrespective of its form. If we are choosing cloth bangs for shopping and plates made up of leaves and taking several other such initiatives, we contribute to the environment positively.

Her love for crafts came from childhood. She used to watch videos that taught DIY tricks for the transformation of homes with beautiful handmade decor items, and that too from scraps like bottles, match sticks, sticks, papers, etc.

Initially, she started working with the idea of just showcasing her artwork during the lockdown period and color her dreams again on the paper, bottle, bags, etc. She started learning advanced painting techniques from YouTube and started designing bottles. She never thought she would become an entrepreneur.

“I am also doing graphics posters designing like chalkboard Birthday poster, Baby Shower poster, Anniversary Poster, Friendship poster, Gifting Frames and all”

 – Dipali Yewlekar

She started with simple drawings and later added other kinds of art techniques like decoupage and calligraphy. Gradually her friends started buying these and slowly it transformed into a business. Now, she is getting orders from different parts of India.

She is looking forward to have a great career in this industry and looking to explore more with the help of customer feedback.