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Roshni is an inspirational woman working with Self Helf Group

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Roshni comes from a large and beautiful family of 11, but like several Indian families, even her family was battling with their own sets of financial and other issues.  She was under so much financial pressure but she nurtured beautiful dreams of giving a good life and good future to her children.

However, things were not that easy for her as her husband and old in laws were completely against her going out to work. Apart from battling her poor financial conditions, she also had to bear the angry faces of her husband and in laws as they wanted a veiled woman who take care of household and family instead of going out to work with women in Self Help Groups.

She started with little jobs initially but owing to her hard work and dedication, she moved up the ladder of success very fast. She started earning fair wages that were sufficient enough to take care of her day to day needs. She was not only earning money but also respect and appreciation of her family members. Even her in laws and husband have started supporting her in her work. In a time span of 8 years, she has emerged as a role model for the women in her village.

Roshni’s eldest daughter could go to school and is happily married now. Her two younger sons are on the verge of finishing their education. All her children give credit to their mother for their happiness. Her husband is proud of her.

Roshni is indeed an inspirational woman who never fails to leave a trail of her positivity wherever she goes!